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Who We Are

Data Savvy Consulting is small, sole proprietor LLC, run by Dr. Alicia Summers. The company was created to provide services to courts, Court Improvement Programs, and other organizations in need of small to large scale data and evaluation help. Larger companies often lack the ability to meet the budgetary restrictions of small organizations and therefore cannot help them with their evaluation needs. Data Savvy Consulting was designed with the little guy in mind. We offer handcrafted data and evaluation solutions to meet any needs. 

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Alicia Summers, PhD

Hello! I am the founder and director of Data Savvy Consulting. I have worked for more than 17 years conducting applied research and evaluation within the juvenile and family court system. I enjoy the opportunity to help courts and Court Improvement Programs to meet their evaluation needs so that together we can contribute to a growing evidence base of what works in the field. I got my PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno and have served as the Program Director for Research and Evaluation at the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and currently serve as the Director of Research for the Capacity Building Center for Courts.  

My primary goal is to move the field forward by contributing to the growing evidence-base of "what works" in the child welfare court system so that we can ultimately improve outcomes for children and families. 


Data Savvy Consulting does not have additional staff, rather I have developed a network of colleagues with unique skill sets that I can draw upon to best meet your needs. My team has expertise in child welfare law, child welfare court best practices, data analysis, training design and development, strategic planning, and evaluation design and implementation.

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The Rest of the Team

I believe that work life balance is essential in ensuring that I have the creative energies to get you what you need. These three are critical components of that process!

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