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Outstanding Results

Example Projects

Data Savvy Consulting helps organizations (courts, Court Improvement Programs, etc.) not only reach, but exceed their evaluation goals. Evaluation efforts can be scaled to best meet the needs of the site, ranging from small data analysis projects to large, multi-site evaluations that include design, data collection, analysis, and reporting. The example projects identified below illustrate some of the types of evaluation efforts that have been completed in the past, working with Court Improvement Programs to assist in evaluation efforts.


Hearing Quality Toolkit

The Hearing Quality Toolkit was developed as part of the New York Child Welfare Court Improvement Program Hearing Quality Project. We compiled the hearing quality work process and instruments into a document that serves as a toolkit for others who are engaging in hearing quality measurement efforts. 

Expertise and Special Interests

Current & Past

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Applied Court Evaluation Experience

We have extensive experience conducting applied evaluation in a court setting. In particular, we have expertise in child welfare court systems and experience working with juvenile and family court systems, including juvenile justice and domestic violence.

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Indian Child Welfare Act

We have extensive experience and a cadre of consultants with experience understanding the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and evaluating court's compliance with ICWA. We have worked with states in their efforts for state and tribal collaboration in child welfare cases. We also have experience in conducting evaluation efforts with the tribal courts.


Quality of Court Hearings

Dr. Summers and key consultants are considered leading experts in the field regarding the quality of child welfare court hearings. We have and continue to work with courts locally, in multi-site statewide efforts, and in national projects to enhance the quality of child welfare court hearings and provide an evidence base of what works to improve practice and outcomes for children and families.


Training Evaluation

Data Savvy Consulting has worked with clients to help them understand how to design and effectively evaluate training programs. This includes working with organizations to effectively move beyond satisfaction surveys and identify opportunities to explore changes in knowledge, decision-making, and behavior that may result from a training.

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